Sustainable Landscaping

Modern designs to define your outdoor spaces

Landscaping with a purpose

At Cook Greenscaping we view landscaping as a way to create beautiful environments and healthier safer futures for our community.  The ultimate goal of Greenscaping, is to create a stunning atmosphere for your home while also protecting and preserving the environment’s natural resources.  When you choose Cook Greenscaping you are not only choosing the highest quality landscaping available, but you are also protecting the environment. 

Commitment to Privacy and Security

Cook Greenscaping not only uses the highest quality green products we also ensure our employees also follow strict privacy and security protocols on every project to protect all our clientele.  Understanding the importance of privacy and security in our high-tech world, all our employees are fully vetted through background screening and are given privacy and security training yearly.  Furthermore, employees can only bring company issued mobile devices to client homes and are forbidden from taking photos or videos of client property without the client’s permission.  We also take personally identifiable information and financial details seriously and use enhanced security measures to avoid data breaches.