What is Greenscaping?

It’s highly likely you are familiar with landscaping, but do you know what greenscaping is?  Greenscaping is a form of landscaping that aims to protect and preserve the environment’s natural resources while improving the look and appearance of your garden or acreage. Cook Greenscaping follows the standard four R’s of greenscaping: 


We aim to reduce the production of waste when designing, installing or updating our clients landscaping by avoiding products that require frequent replacement and using more durable materials. We also reduce our use of pesticides as much as possible by spot treating trouble areas to avoid wide spread use of unnecessary chemicals in areas where your family and pets live.


Cook Greenscaping reuses naturally occurring components in your landscaping to avoid waste.  By using tree clippings and woody shrubs in our mulch, we are ensuring that your plants are protected from weeds and erosion while also saving our clients on unnecessary disposal costs.  We also aim to use gray water, reclaimed water, or collected rainwater where possible to reduce runoff, erosion, and nonpoint source pollution.


Rebuying means looking for products that fit our client’s needs but also help to protect the environment.  When purchasing materials, we often look for recycled or biodegradable materials where possible while still trying to always maintain the client’s vision.  We also work with other landscaping companies to rebuy unwanted fully grown trees, bushes, or plants where possible.


Finally, Cook Greenscaping works with local composting companies to recycle unused clippings, trimmings, and leaves that cannot be composted on site. We also partner with nurseries to recycle bedding trays, plant containers, and any other receptacles that might be reused to lower our carbon footprint.  Through these partnerships we not only are conserving natural resources, but we also earn discounted prices which we pass on to our clients.