At Cook Greenscaping we specialize in creating modern designs that help define your outdoor space by incorporating native plants and trees to ensure an eco-friendly environment.

Grounds Maintenance Services

We understand the investment our clients have made in their yards and landscapes. Our team stays abreast of the latest techniques and technology to keep our customer’s property looking its best.

Landscape Installation

Our expert team has the tools, knowledge, and skills to complete your landscape installation project.

Landscape Design & Consulting

With our highly skilled designers and advanced software we can show you what your landscaping will look like before a plant is ever installed. 

Arbor Care

Our well-trained staff use the most up-to-date pruning techniques and offer a wide array of tree and plant health care procedures to keep your lawn healthy all year round. 

Soil pH Adjustment

Proper soil pH is the most important factor in cultivating a successful lawn.  The overuse of chemicals and pesticides tend to create overly acidic soil, whereas some soils can be naturally alkaline.  Our team will perform a soil pH test and will address your specific needs with organic suggestions on how to keep your lawn green and thriving. 


Xeriscaping can often help a client reduce water usage, lower pollution while improving biodiversity through using native and indigenous vegetation in their landscaping design. Through the use of mulch, we can ensure your garden maintains its lush blooms year-round while limiting erosion, evaporation and reducing weed growth.